Food Innovation
that Delight.

The taste of summer. A reward for good behavior. A guilty pleasure.  Ice cream is the perfect treat… and far too good to be an occasional delight.
At Shakeup Labs, we’re a food technology company with a love of traditional ice cream. We’ve created a unique formula for an ice cream that is healthy, low-fat and suitable for every diet without ever compromising taste or texture. This is an extraordinary dessert you really can eat every day and love every scoop.


The Three Rules We Set For A Perfect Ice Cream

In 2010 two friends met for ice cream. For Tsachee Zilberfarb, a senior marketing executive, the meeting brought some painful memories. His father had recently passed away, and in his last months had struggled to eat.

“He hated the special nutrition drinks he was given,” Tsachee told his friend Boaz Maor. “He just wouldn’t drink them. He told me that if he could get the same nutrition from something he liked and eat it as a meal replacement, he’d eat it all the time. What he really liked though, was ice cream.”

Boaz, a serial entrepreneur, sympathized. “Ice cream is great. But you know not everyone can eat it. Take my family, for example. When we go out for ice cream, it’s impossible. My son is allergic to dairy, my wife is always on some diet or other, I’m trying to avoid sugar. Go find an ice cream we can all eat.”

As the two talked, they dreamed of creating the perfect ice cream, an ice cream that would be delicious and available to everyone, but would also be so packed with nutrients it could supplement a meal and even act as a meal replacement.

The two didn’t just talk and they did more than dream. They got to work.
They decided to design an ice cream that would follow three simple rules…